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Acoustic Enclosures & Solutions for the Music Industry

Acoustic enclosures or Music Studios are carefully designed chambers that minimise and reduce the impact of noise. They are used in any scenario where noise control is required, from being part of a noise isolation studio for music or performance practice to being adapted for industrial situations where they take a protective role.

These structures have three main functions:

• Sound absorption
• Acoustic separation
• Vibration isolation

Materials used to construct the acoustic enclosure include heavy materials like sheet metal which, by their nature, provide an effective barrier to sound. The mechanical properties of these heavy materials are enhanced by the addition of cavities and special infill materials between layers in order to mismatch the acoustic impedance, making more difficult for the sound passing through the walls.

Where are they used?

Acoustic enclosures or the outer shell of a room, are an essential part for the music industry as they are the main bridge between low background noise levels and the appropriate dynamic range for recording or rehearsing.

Work with us

Our experience in managing acoustics in a range of settings means we have the experience in setting up spaces to enhance and distribute the sound uniformly, controlling the noise and making a space pleasant for audiences, musicians, composer, producers and critical listeners. Whether you need a full acoustic enclosure, an acoustic shell on stage for theatres, rehearsal rooms design and implementation of a full project managed from the A to the Z, we’ll take time to understand your needs and wants and offer the most effective sound management solutions.

Our knowledge of materials, sound and space means we’re the right people to deliver the very best solutions for your requirements.

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