Soundproofing for Recording Studios

Whether your business is all about making yours or other people’s music shine, or you simply require soundproofing for private projects, you need your soundproofing to be trustworthy and effective. Our new soundproofing for recording studios comes with state-of-the-art acoustic solutions that can be tailored to any room or space.

Soundproofing for recording studio space

A few factors will affect the type of soundproofing you need. If the surfaces of your inner room are heavy and dense, they are already likely to be blocking a lot of sound. We can also establish the amount of resilience your recording space has. Resilience refers to a room’s ability to absorb sound energy and vibration. The key to professional soundproofing for recording studio spaces is to add the right level of this resilience to the room, and we can easily establish this with our acoustic software.

3D acoustic modelling

Soundproofing for recording studios that are larger in size can come with its own challenges, too. However, our 3D acoustic modelling software (CATT) is the perfect way to ascertain exactly how to treat these rooms.

The thing to remember here is that we can provide a good response at low frequencies if the space meets the standardised requirements. This will go a long way to installing soundproofing that’s professional and affordable.

At RG Sanles Acoustics, we will find the best solution to all of your sound needs, giving your project the real and authentic treatment it deserves. The right soundproofing, with the right acoustic technology and treatment, is a sure-fire way to not only capture your sound, but to hone it too.

Whether you’re building a new recording studio or improving an existing one, you need soundproofing you can rely on, so call us today to learn more.