Music and Sound Technologist (Sound Engineering)
Member of the Institute of Acoustics (MIOA)
Member of the Audio Engineering Society of America (MAES)

Ricardo Sanles is an Acoustician, former member of the Acoustics team in BDP’s Environmental Design Studio in London and current consultant for several companies and institutions. He has worked in the field of acoustics for 25 years, during which time he has delivered noise assessments, design and manufactured acoustic elements for sawmill industries, occupational noise exposure and intelligibility corrections for large spaces. Ricardo has built up extensive experience of both Industrial noise control and electro – acoustic implementation, covering budgeting, purchases and providing solutions.

Ricardo’s experience includes working in Chile, overseas, Spain, Italy, Finland, Portugal, Czech Republic and in the UK developing solutions of Installed Sound Systems, Acoustic treatments for Houses of worship, classrooms, auditoriums, hospitals, private production studios, rehearsal rooms, theatres and critical listening rooms.

email: info@sanles.co.uk