Professor Jaime Delannoy – Acoustic Consultant
Acoustic Engineer by the Southern University of Chile (U. Austral de Chile – UACH)
PhD in Acoustic Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM)
Master in Didactic for Higher Education

In his professional career in Chile he has held various management positions in higher education institutions, where he has developed teaching projects related to careers in the audio-visual area. He has also made academic collaborations with universities in Argentina, Peru, Mexico and Spain.

Jaime has got multiple papers published in science magazines and international congress in acoustics, noise and vibration in which he is permanently a lecturer in most of them like Inter-Noise Congress in Chicago, 2018, International Congress on Acoustics ICA in Buenos Aires 2016, TECNIACÚSTICA, FIA, Acoustical Society of America and ICA Madrid.

As an independent acoustic consultant – in the area of ​​Architectural Acoustics – he has participated in various public and private projects all over South America, Spain and in the UK. He is currently the senior consultant for RG Sanles Acoustics.

Since 2013, he has served as Deputy Director of the A/V and Communication School DUOC UC (Chile). DUOC UC is an educational institution with 97.000 students and 1200 teachers.